Hierarchy of Laws

Universal Laws

Deal with energies.

Main principle: whatever energy you put out must come back to you.

Natural Laws

Deal with the natural ways of all objects and beings,

which have manifested in the 3rd dimension.

Laws of Maxim

Also known as, “God’s Laws”.

These laws come straight out of the Bible

and are the highest laws of the land;

They are Rights given by “God” to all beings

and cannot be taken away by anyone.


(Man and Woman) A being who is Master of Self;

Operates under “God’s Laws”;

Has the ability to create laws and constitutions

for itself and for corporations it creates.

Contract Law

A set of laws, which sovereigns worldwide adhere to in commerce;

Offer + Acceptance = Contract


Laws made between two sovereigns

dealing with a particular track of land.


Laws created by a sovereign,

which govern a corporation created by a sovereign.

Federal Codes

Codes which govern corporations within corporations. Includes UCCs.


A “dead” fictitious entity;

Operates under the laws of the constitution

developed by the Sovereign;

Does NOT have the ability to create laws;

Can only create Codes, Statutes and Ordinances.

Police Corporations and Agents

Private agencies of corporations to which they belong;

Equivalent to a private Citizen;


A slave of the corporation to which it pledges;

Does not have rights;

Only has privileges which are given to it by the corporation to which it pledges.